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Club mosses, Horsetails and True Ferns
Woody species Heather & related berry species
Dock, Goosefoot Purslane and Nettle family
Saxifrage, Rose, Poppy, Buttercup & Stonecrop family species
Willowherb, Carrot & Ivy and Pea family species
Mustard family species
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Plantain's, Mare's Tail, Water-starworts, Speedwells
Violets and remaining free-petal species
Gentian, Figwort & Mint family species
Daisy family species
All others species with fused petals
Lily-like monocotyledon groups including rushes
Water plants

Plants on Iceland

Flora of Iceland: Welcome to the plants section of the Natural History of Iceland site.
This section will offer you in a pleasant way information on the flora of Iceland.

I drew up the The Natural History of Iceland site from personal enthousiasm. It does not pretend to be complete, however all common, nearly all rather less common species and quite a few rare species are treated. A characteriztion of the flora of Iceland can be found on the background page. Also you can find further information on Icelandic plants on the "links" pages and the books & literature page (both can be found in the "more topics" section). If you want to retrieve info on a specific plant species you can open the search page. This requires your browser to allow running (a) Java (applet).
Unless stated otherwise, all photo's shown here have been made on Iceland by Dick Vuijk.