Landscapes of Iceland: For a start: these are my favorites
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new  green arrow Slide show Skógar to Landmannalaugar trek - press F11 for optimal view:

Leg 1): green arrow Skógar to the mountain hut Fimmvörðurháls (ascent from sea level to about 1100m).
Leg 2): green arrow Fimmvörðurháls to Þórsmörk (descent from the mountains into the valley's of Thor's birch woods).
Leg 3): green arrow Þórsmörk to Botnar (along upstream Markarfljót mountain river).
Leg 4): green arrow Botnar to Álfavatn (crossing a large meltwater wash-out plane).
Leg 5): green arrow Álfavatn to Hrafntinnusker (including a visit to an ice cave with lots of thermal hot-spots).
Leg 6): green arrow Hrafntinnusker to Landmannalaugar.