FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Woodsia ilvensis, Oblong Woodsia, Liðfætla

Woodsia ilvensis; The Oblong Woodsia is a fern I just encountered in my 2007 trip to Iceland. I found it at Þingvellir

The Oblong woodsia can best be recognised by its rough appearance. The fronds are about 15cm tall. The rough appearance is caused by the hairy leaves, especially on the bottom side. This feature is unique for all more or less common Icelandic ferns (see the blow-up photo). It grows on Iceland on the lava fields near the coasts, especially in the western and south-eastern regions. The Icelandic name for this species is Liðfætla.

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Text & Photographs by Dick Vuijk
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Other fern-related species

Other fern-related species

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