FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Sagina caespitosa, Tufted Pearlwort, Fjallkrækill

Sagina caespitosa; The Tufted Pearlwort is a very low ground-spreading herbal species that forms small dense tussocks ("cespitosa").
  - The stems are short ending in a distal flower. The opposite leaves are linear (basal leaves may have broader base's) up to 8mm long; the leaves along the top of the stems are much shorter.
  - The flowers have white petals, usually 5, but flowers with 4 petals are not uncommon. They have 10 stamens with a single pistil with 5 stigma's.
  - It is not common on Iceland. It is possible though that it has often been overlooked as it strongly resembles both S. nivalis and S. saginoides. I found it in a locality not known from earlier records. It grows in highland regions and hills and mountains along the northern and eastern coastal regions.
  - It is a member of the Pink family (Caryophyllaceae). The Icelandic name of this species is Fjallkrækill.

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Other Pink family members

Other Pink family members

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