FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Campanula glomerata, Clustered Harebell, Höfuðklukka

Campanula glomerata; The Clustered Harebell is a plant I found on an old graveyard in the remote North-Western Fjords region of Iceland at the locality of Hesteyri (5 houses no land/road connection). This used to be an old whale-processing station but has been abandoned long time ago. At this cemetery, apparently someone has planted this harebell many years ago. Worldwide it is indigenous to the northern hemisphere of the old world (Western Europe to Eastern Asia) but has also become naturalized in the northern America's as well. What is quite remarkable is that it thrives in the cemetery (note it is only about 10x10meters!) but has not spread from there. It is quite possible that it has been planted elsewhere too, but I am not aware of this.
They are members of the Bellflower family (Campanulaceae). The Icelandic name of this species is Höfuðklukka.

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Remaining miscellaneous dicotyledons

Remaining miscellaneous dicotyledons

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